Web Development CV Examples

Web development CVs are documents which are framed by persons wishing to enter the software industry in the specific capacity of web developers.

  • They must be trained for the job and they must also possess reasonable expertise in it. Hence, the academic background and the professional work experience of web developers must be reflected in the web designer CV.
  • The web developers CV should highlight only those skills of the candidate which are relevant to web development.
  • Web development CVs should also be to the point and precise. They must be comprehensive enough to highlight all the necessary details without sacrificing precision.
  • Web development CVs should also be written in a tone of humility and courtesy.
  • It is the first document that will provide an impression on the selection panel and hence a lot rides on its correct presentation and suitable nature.
  • Web development is a challenging profession and the CV should adequately represent that the candidate is up for the challenge.
  • It should also preferable contain a statement of intent which explains, in the candidate’s own words, his intention in taking up the job, as well as his personal and professional vision.

Thus, web development CVs are documents which must be written with care and consideration in order to create maximum impact.


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