Veterinary Technician CV Example

The veterinary technician position has become an indispensable profession to assist the veterinarians work with the least disruption. It’s the equivalent of a nurse in the medical profession. A vet tech is also trained in areas such as a lab technician, an anesthesiologist and operating radiology equipment, along with administrative office work that nurses do not do.

Veterinary Technician CV Example

Joseph Mengel

Herbert Hoover Rd., Glendale, California

Phone: 76-456-32


After years assisting veterinarians in clinics treating exotic pets of celebrities in Beverley Hills, and then working as an administrative assistant in the San Diego Zoo, I would like to share my experience in laboratory work.  In particular, I am interested in doing clinical studies focused on treating animal ailments, whether in domestic pets or wild animals.  With my skills and experience, I am confident I can be part of your team in any laboratory research work.

Career Experience/Job History

1995-2005: Assistant to the Veterinarian, Beverley Hills Pet Care Center

  • Ensure proper handling and preparation of client pets for diagnosis
  • Email or send laboratory test results and maintain client pet records
  • Ensure clinic inventory of medicines are within shelf lives and adequately stocked
  • Assist the Veterinarian in any surgical procedure including administration of the right anesthesia.

2005-Present: Administrative Assistant, San Diego Zoo

  • Ensure proper feeding schedules are disseminated to all zoo personnel
  • Prepare regular health inspection standards and procedures for all animals in the zoo
  • Effect the purchase of medicines from local and foreign animal pharmacies
  • Responsible for keeping record of new and old equipments.
  • Supervise the operation of all clinical



Associate in Veterinary Technology, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of California.

Professional reference will be supplied upon request

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