Transportation CV Examples

How to create a Transportation CV

The transportation field is a vast one covering the various modes of transport and their services. It also includes managing the travelling services and the delivery of goods through these transportation modes. Knowledge of the transportation field is an important factor necessary for the applicant. This is necessary for guaranteeing the safety of the passengers.  The transportation field includes management of the transportation service, driving services, delivery services through the transport modes etc.

The CV should include the qualifications, experience and the skills of the applicant. He should show in the CV his personality and how he approaches people and customers. the interests or hobbies and the special interests also form a part. References should be suggested only if the employer asks for, but should be mentioned henceforth.

If the applicant is applying for the driving services, then the experience is a major aspect required in the CV. The driving card and his license details as a driver should also be mentioned there. In case of delivering services, the punctuality and discipline and consistency that he would provide to the service should be clearly depicted in the CV. The objective of seeking the post is another crucial part.

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