Train Driver CV Example

A train driver is an individual who drives a train and ensures that the trains leave as well as reach a certain destination on time. A train driver may drive a passenger train or a locomotive train locally, nationally as well as internationally. The train driver CV should showcase the skill sets, educational qualifications as well as experience of the candidate.

Sample Train Driver CV Example

Name: Jack Ripper

Address: 21 Rick Martin Road,

Holy Wood, Las Vegas 9345

Home phone number: 34567

Mobile number: 900876

E mail id:


  • Excellent concentration skills which is required to work alone
  • Knowledge of all local as well national railway routes
  • Knowledge about passenger announcements and controlling automatic doors
  • Ability to recognize broken railway tracks and track changes
  • Ability to think under emergency situations

Educational Qualification:

  • High school from Little Lamb School in the year 2004
  • Training as a train driver for a period of eighteen months from Railway Services Limited in the year 2007
  • Certification in train handling skills training


To work as a train driver for national as well as international railways

Work experience:

Working as a train driver for Eastern railways since 2008.

Job profile:

    • Travelling at all destinations in the eastern part of the countries.
    • Working for an average of fifty hours every week.
    • Checking the engine and equipment before staring a journey.
    • Ensuring that the train arrives and leaves the station at correct times. F
    • Following the signal instructions at every station.

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