Test Engineer CV Example

A test engineer is a person who performs quality assurance test on equipments, products, goods and services. Test engineers can be employed in a number of industries and to apply for a position in any, on needs to create a test engineer CV.

A test engineer CV is a detailed description of the applicant’s qualifications, work experience, skills and other such details that can help an employer judge the suitability for the given job. A sample of a test engineer CV example is provided below for your reference.

Sample Test Engineer CV Example

Ronald Mathews

C-45,William street, 5th park avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Mobile Number: 479390550

Email: ronaldmathews@gmail.com

Resume Objective: to work in a challenging environment at the position of a test engineer where I can use and utilize my skills of engineering to assess manufacturing processes for the assurance of manufactured products. I wish to be part of a reputed company’s success by giving my best.

Academic details:

2003: completed high school education from Janet International School, New York, USA

2006: completed bachelor’s degree in software engineering from California University

2007: diploma in test engineering from New York.

Professional experience

2007: started working as a test engineer in a software company where I worked for 3 years.

2010: started working as a test engineer at Henderson Corporation where I was employed for 2 years.

2012-2014: worked as a test engineer for Fredson Solutions where I contributed my services and expertise for a period of 2 years and was awarded the best employee award.

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • I am an extremely hardworking individual with exceptional engineering skills and technical skills.
  • I possess good written and verbal communication skills and excellent team working abilities.
  • I am dedicated to my work and highly diligent.

Exceptional computer skills, leadership qualities and reliability.

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