Telephone Operator CV Example

The nature of the job of a telephone operator is to simply handle all phone calls in a professional and protocol manner. There are thousands of huge corporations that are always in need of operators for their daily business transactions, customer service and other business related products and services. Operators must be knowledgeable of answering, transferring and switching voice calls, or otherwise known as telephone multi tasking as well. Nowadays, thousands of business entities hire telephone operators to help run the company smoothly and to be organized.

Telephone Operator CV Example

Lisa T. Bower

34 Maria Rd, Oxford

London, United Kingdom


Phone: 577-00-144

Career Objective

To be able to fully use my skills in telecommunications, I’ve worked with various telecom companies specializing in customer care, product sales, goods and services. I have the perfect characteristics of a telephone operator, from answering all incoming voice calls in a courteous and professional manner, and I’m perfectly skilled in routing calls to the appropriate parties without having any trouble. As a vocal communicator, I can deliver business and client care with complete confidence and professionalism.

Career Experience/Job History

2008-2011: Voice of the World Intl.

  • Served as an operator for incoming voice calls
  • Provided words of advise to people in need
  • Assisted in on-call peace ambassadors

2006-2008: Clear Solutions Inc.

  • Dealt with customer inquiries through phone
  • Provided excellent customer service


2001-2005: B.S. Commerce, London College of Communication

1998-2001: Secondary Education, Hughes Christian School


Read pocketbooks


Go out with friends

Go to museums


Will be supplied upon request

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