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How to create a Telecom CV

Telecom CV is applicable for telecommunications jobs which include communication with the people. Telecom jobs like interacting with clients and solving their queries. The telecom jobs require excellent communication skills and a pleasing personality. As the job requires solving the queries of the clients, the applicant should have efficient problem solving skills and should have a pleasing personality to interact with them.  The person should have good demonstration skills to explain the solution and the knowledge.

Telecom job field include the telesales, call centre executives, customer care executives, telecom engineer, operator etc. The CV should have the qualifications, experience if any, skills and interests of the applicant. Knowledge about the field and the services are another important part. The CV should highlight the applicant’s knowledge on the communication systems, information and how to interact with customers. Other fields include the contact address, objective, achievements (if any) etc.

The CV should be clear and precise to attract the employer at the first glance. As there are various fields in the sector, the applicant should well specify for which field he is seeking job in. his helps the employer to sort out the service in a better and easy way.

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