Supply Chain Manager CV Example

A supply chain manager is a person working in a company who is responsible for planning and organizing the movements of materials and goods from the manufacturers to the consumers. These individuals perform really important duties and are thus crucial to various industries.

A supply chain manager CV example is an example of a CV which is framed by a person who is interested in a job of a supply chain manager in a company. The CV must consist of all the skills and qualifications of the candidate and must be convincing enough. A sample of one such CV example is provided below.

Sample supply chain manager CV example

Personal details

David Raymond

Q-23, first floor, Mayhem tower, Pearl road, London


Career objective

Seeking to job position of a supply chain manager in a prestigious firm where I would get an opportunity to work among a strong team of colleagues and work on my existing skills.  I aim to move up the ladder by working hard at this step.

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • Exceptional organizational skills, managerial abilities and discipline.
  • Top level computer skills, excellent communication skills
  • Good leadership skills and ability to handle several tasks at the same time
  • Good technical skills and highly dependable.

Work Experience

  • I have previously been employed as a warehouse manager at Gregory International Company for 2 years.
  • Worked as a supply chain manager at Martha Corporation for a period of 3 years.
  • I have also worked as a supply chain manager at Gregson International Trade Company for 1 year and was then promoted to a senior level position in the same department on which I worked for 6 months.

Educational qualifications:

  • High school education from St. Mary’s Jesus School, London.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business management from Oxford University, London
  • Master’s diploma program in supply chain management from London Business School.

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