Aircraft Airframe/Structural Mechanic CV Example

The job calls for the repair and modification of aircraft structural components and sheet metal body parts in according with manufacturer bulletins.  A major part of the process is the fabrication and replacement of aircraft body parts, flight control surfaces, fuel cell and tank cleaning and restoration, pylon and windshield replacements complying with strict dimension tolerances and FAA maintenance bulletins, based on supplied engineering blueprints.

Aircraft Airframe/Structural Mechanic

Fred S. Stanton

Park Row, Leeds, England

Phone: 0113-198-3454


I am looking forward to sharing my skill and expertise as part of your aircraft maintenance team.  With about 5 years in airframe maintenance as an aircraft structural mechanic, I am confident I have the professional skills to become a valued member of the team as sheet metal and structure works can share similarities between various aircraft variants. My experience with B737, B747 and Airbus A320 and A320 aircraft gives me the confidence to handle similar aircraft in different series.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present :  Aircraft Structural Mechanic “A”  Virgin Atlantic Airways

  • Remove dented or worn-out aircraft sheet metal and structural parts.
  • Fabricate new sheet metal body parts to replace removed parts.
  • Comply with UK-CAA and US-FAA aircraft maintenance standards as well as modification bulletins issued by the relevant aircraft manufacturer as approved by in-house engineers.
  • Participate in productivity and quality improvement programs.
  • Ensure that all repair tools and equipment are in top shape and properly stored at the end of the shift.


2005 – 2007

Various certificated in-house training, Virgin Atlantic

2000 – 2005

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautic Engineering, Leeds Metropolitan University

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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