Special Education Instructor CV Example

Special Education Instructors take the responsibility of educating children in grades, preschool to 12th grade that are diagnosed with mental, emotional and physical disabilities. These Special Education Instructors or Sped teachers work with legally required paperwork. They also get in touch with the sped student’s parents or guardians and school staff regarding the type of adjustment that they are going to make for every single sped student throughout the year. Using specialized techniques learned through years of study, they teach with various students that may vary from mild disabilities up to severe discrepancies in a class room. They specialize in those techniques to help them reach their goals for the students to live a normal life and a normal lifestyle.

Special Education Instructor CV Example

Gardenia H. Clovers

Upper Woburn Place

London ED2K IPE

Email: mrsgardeniaclovers@gmail.com.uk

Phone: 85-980-47

Career Objectives:

To help children with disabilities get the special education that they need. I have the ability to team up with other people or the school staff to help children with disabilities as fast and as effective as possible. I am well aware that it is very crucial that I observe every single special education student’s progress. I am understanding and patient which is one of the traits that a good special education instructor needs.

Professional Qualifications:


2007-Present: Special Education High School Instructor, University of Reading

?  Recorded sped students progress in an effective manner

?  Provided weekly one on one consultation to sped students

?  Instructed a mixed class of regular and sped students properly and effectively.

?  Published a book entitled “Mend it with love”, A book about children with disabilities.

Educational Experience:

2003-2007: Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, University of St. Andrews




Professional Reference:

Professional References will be given if desired.



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