Solar Engineer CV Example

Solar Engineers are highly skilled in the planning and implementation of projects that are focused on the utilization of the solar energy.  They are involved in performing tests and do experimental work such as substrate cleaning, coating, printing, thermal evaporation, device encapsulation and device setting.  Solar Engineers are also required to be responsible for supervising the maintenance of laboratory and other equipment and must adhere to the safety precautions in handling chemicals and other harmful agents.

Solar Engineer CV Example

Gina Roberts

Warwick Road, Stratford

London, E17 4LA

Phone:  111-776-6055

Career Objective

I am an innovative, result-oriented and motivated individual seeking for a position as Solar Engineer in a chemical or engineering company.  I have very good problem-solving skills and extensive background in research and experimentation based on solar energy.  I also possess logical skills and the ability to supervise a team of workers/

Professional Qualification

2007 – Present:  Solar Engineer, Sunrise Equipment

  • Experimented on equipment and materials used to capture solar energy and transform it to electricity
  • Supervised the manufacturing of the equipment for mass production
  • Invented and made plans for a more efficient process of solar energy utilization
  • Coordinated all efforts and made reports to the company

2004-2007 – Project Engineer, JanCor Power

  • Drafted the project implementation plan for the electricity provision of areas
  • Identified other sources of energy and centralized the distribution
  • Supervised the implementation of the project


1998 – 2004:  Bachelor of Science in Engineering, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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