Social Studies Teacher CV Example

The term “social studies” refers to the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities. These areas of study are central to a student’s civic intelligence. At middle school to high school levels, social studies are usually segregated to different disciplines. Social studies are divided into history, sociology, political science, and geography. In some high schools, there are some that offers advanced classes in economics, business, psychology, philosophy and anthropology.

Now, the primary goal of a social studies teacher is to explain the development and progression of social theories and events and to explain the institutions and processes that define a country or a nation and the world, resulting to a broad subject matter and a diverse curriculum.

Social Studies Teacher CV Example

Cameron Claire E. Haltford

Edinburgh 3UH E7D



Phone: 38-487-23

Career Objectives:

My goal is to provide education to students by using acquired knowledge through years of studying Education and to also secure a position as a Social Studies Teacher. I am strict, hardworking, efficient and very specific when it comes to details. I pledge to provide quality education to the students as a member of the International teacher’s Guild.

Professional Qualification:

2005-Present: Social Studies Teacher, Brent International High School.

?  Participated in the formulation of Educational programs for individual students

?  Attended faculty meetings and evaluated student performances as well as the teacher’s

?  Utilized modern technology to induce a fun and creative way of learning


2001-2005: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Majoring in Social Studies, University of London




Professional References shall be given if needed.



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