Senior Machinery Specialist CV Example

Ideally must have years of relevant experience plus knowledgeable of committing and working with important assignments on design teams for several process plants FEED significant involvement and requirements in big rotating machine deliverables. One should be fully knowledgeable with rotor high speed balancing, alignment, machinery, compressor surge, rotor dynamic and parallel operations.
One must also have experience and knowledge with various auxiliaries such as performance controller and surge, electric governors, dry gas seals, magnetic bearings, diaphragm couplings, bearing and vibration monitoring equipment, seal and lube oil system pertaining to Turbines, Pumps and Compressors. Also, must have at least years of experience in details engineering and machinery design related to gas and oil.

Senior Machinery Specialist CV Example

Keith D. Willing

21HG Upper Side Ave

England, United Kingdom

Phone: 566-48-300

Career Objective:

I am currently looking for the best opportunity for my years of experience with machines, and I believe that I can find it with this company. I have the best skills and understanding when it comes to everything about specializing in machineries, and I have a pleasing personality that any customer can completely relate to. I also have good communication skills which are needed for comprehensive discussions with the customers regarding their queries or complaints.

Professional Qualifications:

2002-2006: All Equipment Intl., Technician

  • Sorted, inspected and repaired all sorts of equipment for vehicles
  • Participated in assembling, developing and enhancing new compound materials to produce effective and efficient car parts

2006-Present: Fire Robots Ltd., Machinery Specialist

  • Conducted daily inspection of manufactured machines
  • Provided insights and ideas on how to manipulate and repair all sorts of heavy machineries
  • Assisted the senior specialist with his data and office work

Educational Qualifications:


Mid-Level Education, England State Academy


B.S. Major in Mechanical Engineering, Kingston University, United Kingdom


Testing electrical systems

Going to pubs with mates

Traveling to different countries


Will be supplied upon request

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