Senior Dentist CV Example

Senior Dentists are health care professionals that are capable and licensed to provide preventive and restorative treatments for mouth and teeth problems. Usually, dentists are self employed practitioners in general practice, executing dental care to the public privately and/or under certain organizations. Some dentists work in salaried posts within varieties of hospital dentistry specialized fields like in the corporate practices industry, armed forces, community dentistry, or university research and teaching.

A general dental practitioner or senior dental practitioner usually leads a team made up of dental care professionals and treats a wide range of patients from elderly to children.

Senior Dentist CV Example

Justine C. Baldwell

South Kensington

London- DE6 1EK


Phone: 18-239-39

Career Objectives:

To make use of my skills further in a new challenging environment in which I will be able to give myself and the better company great benefits in the medical field. The skills and knowledge that I have acquired through years of study and experience can be completely taken fair advantage of. I have the ability to work under pressure and manage a team. I am a perfectionist in which I will not settle for satisfactory results rather, I will settle for excellent ones.

Professional Experience:

2006-Present: Senior Dentist, the Institute of Dentistry

?  Mixed NHS/private practice mainly general practice with visiting oral surgeons and dental therapists or dental hygienists.

?  Executed Dental Implants

?  Provided services to patients who needs cosmetic dentistry

?  Specialized in Facial Rejuvenation & Facial Aesthetics

2000-2006: Self Employed Dentist, Baldwell Dental Clinic

?  Familiarized myself with the latest technology used in Dentistry.

?  Executed Implants, Sutures and other Dental treatments

Educational Qualifications:

1996-2000: Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry, University College, London (UCL)





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