Science Teacher CV Example

Science teachers are the ones responsible for providing an atmosphere for learning, where students will have the opportunity to fulfill their potential for physical, psychological and intellectual growth. They are the ones responsible for creating, organizing and developing as well as implementing it in an instructional program in the field of Science. They must make sure that the students are well taught in science’s many aspects in order for them to achieve academic success.

Science Teacher CV Example

Myrna Lynn J. Morrison

South Kensington

London- SW7 2RL

Phone: 72-878-97


Career Objectives:

To further spread the knowledge of Science through working in a renowned and respected institute of academics. In this way, I will be able to apply my years of legitimate study and experience to students who needs education. I go by the rules of Science about the cycle of living things and I shall apply that through following the cycle of passing knowledge from one generation to another. As a teacher, I am very succinct, efficient and understanding.

Professional Experience:

1990-2010: Science Teacher (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Basic Science) University of Glasgow

?  Implemented instructional activities that made a certain environment for students where they will actively engage in meaningful learning experiences.

?  Assisted in the school’s curricular needs and implemented plans for improvement.

?  Collaborated with colleagues to enhance the environment for students to learn more.

?  Established cooperative working relationship with students, parents and other schools to improve social awareness among students and the people around them

Educational Qualification:

1988-1989 Masters in Education, Herriot Watt University

1984-1988: Bachelors in Education, Glyndwr University







Personal References:

Linda C. McDonald

School Dean

University of Glasgow


Alexander R. Oath

School Director

University of Glasgow


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