Sanitary Engineer CV Example

A sanitary engineer directs and designs operation and construction of different hygienic projects like sewage, waterworks, and trash and garbage disposal plants, drainage systems, as well as rodent and insect control projects. One is also responsible in planning the development of various watersheds and building of direct aqueducts and storage and distribution sanitary systems for many water supplies.

Directs and plans workers with operating and building sewage-disposal plants, also directs insect spraying, swamp drainages and designs insect-proof buildings. Must also control and design operations of incinerators, garbage-reduction plants for disposing garbage as well as other refuse. One should also advise industrial companies and plants in proper disposing of obnoxious oils, gases, greases as well as other chemicals.

Sanitary Engineer CV Example


Ian D. Miller


Bedford Dr. 44HJ

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Phone: 345-80-775



My objective is to be able to use all of my knowledge and skills in teaching people and other corporations the proper way of sanitary practices, and to also educate a certain company with the right education in sanitation and hygiene. I am looking for a company where I can grow and share my experience more, and I know that I can be of good use for this business entity.

Professional Qualification


2003-2006: Waterworks Intl., Sanitation Div.

  • Conducted daily inspection of sanitary routines at the company’s facilities
  • Made daily reports of discrepancies or improvements with the sanitation practices of the workers


2006-2011: Neat & Green Ltd., Hygiene and Sanitation Specialist

  • Provided daily routines of proper hygiene and sanitation to workers
  • Ensured that all products passes the sanitation level of approval before it reaches the post manufacturing process



1996-1999: Secondary Education, London Metropolitan State University


1999-2000: B.S. Healthcare, Liverpool Hope University, U.K.



Playing volleyball

Going to carnivals

Participating in health organizations



Will be supplied upon request.



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