Sales CV Examples

A sales position is a broad heading which includes a wide variety of the positions which are available in the sales segment of all the businesses. Some of the sales positions are marketing sales manager, sales manager, sales research manager, sales accounts manager etc. But to get recruited at any of the sales position, an individual needs to prepare a CV i.e. Curriculum Vitae, which gathers the attention of the employers.

A Sales CV must be prepared keeping in mind the following points:

  • The first part of the document must consist of the name of the document i.e. CV in bold and must be underlined.
  • The individual must then provide his/ her personal details in the next part.
  • Then comes the part where the individual gives the objective with which he/ she applying for the position and reason their suitability for the position (in brief).
  • Then comes next part were the individual must provide his/ her educational qualifications, each in a separate head with the years, time periods and performance grades/ score.
  • Then comes the part where the individual mentions the skills he/ she possess, the additional qualifications if any etc.

Then the individual must give the experience he/ she has as a working individual with details.

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