Retail Banker CV Example

A retail banker should have the ability to control and direct retail banking activities and manipulate resources in order to meet the retail banking objectives or standards and they should be able to convert business requirement to functional requirement and discuss all the strategies with the clients and business users. It is their job to help the team in resolving functional related queries in respect to retail banking and should be able to undertake functional testing. The directing and following up with AGMs on implementing audit comments in order to avoid repeated criticism and the guidance and directing of AGMs to monitor control and follow up classified accounts is a part of their routine as a retail banking professional.

Retail Banker CV Example

Carlisle S. Caldwell

67 Abbey Road



Phone: 28-394-39

Career Objectives:

Savvy, results oriented leader offering years of dynamic experience as a retail banker having critical thinking and planning skills. Background includes management of a busy retail store, direct marketing campaigns, new product enhancements and generating substantial top and bottom line growth. I have great interpersonal and communication skills allowing me to have full advantage and an asset to the company that will employ me.

Professional Experience:

2005-Present: Retail banker, Carrion Bank

?  Provided exceptional services for years

?  Received certificate of appreciation as “Employee of the year” for 3 consecutive years.

?  Trained new tellers

Educational Qualification/Experience:

2001-2005: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Edge Hill University

Professional Reference will be provided if the company requires.



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