Research Director CV Example

A research director is a high level position by working on which one becomes responsible for heading or leading a research project or all the research tasks of a company, organization or institute. To become a research director, a person has to come out with a strong and impressive CV which is known as a research director CV.

A research director CV is an account and record of all the skills and qualifications of a candidate who wishes to become a research director. The CV has details of work experience, education and other such details. A sample of a research director CV example is provided below for your reference.

Sample Research Director CV Example


Greg Andrews

Address: A-34, Reynold street, P block, New York, USA                                  Mobile Number: 74092579050


Career Objective:

To work at the position of a research director in a University where my skills as a Mathematician and a research will be well utilized and where I will get the chance and freedom to work on my research work of Rings and Groups Theory of Substance.

Educational Background:

1999: completed my high school education from St. Jesus and Mary school in New York

2002: completed my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Hons from New York University, New York.

2004: completed my master’s degree in Mathematics from Ohio State University

2008: completed my PhD in Mathematics from New York

Professional experience

2007: started working as a Mathematics researcher under Dr.  Lewis Young at Ohio State University.

2009: worked for 1 year as a Researcher at New York University

2010: became a senior researcher at New York University:

2012: joined London University to continue research work

2013: was appointed department head for research at London University.

2014: left London University to find apply for a job in New York.

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