Research CV Example

A research CV is for the applicants in the research field. A researcher is somebody who performs research, the search for knowledge or in general any systematic investigation to establish facts. Researchers can work in academic, industrial, government, or private institutions.

The Research CV should include the qualifications and potential of the person.

Research CV Example

Mitchell George

Tilltown Road, Bali


Phone: 23-543-76

Career objective

Looking for a good position where I can carry out extensive research in my specialized field and work for the benefit of the people. I aim to use my skills to the best of the use.

Professional Qualifications:

2000-2005: Assistant Senior Researcher, National Center for Geographical Research

  • Conducted research in samples to study about the geographical changes of the earth.
  • Planned and developed research projects.
  • Surveyed study areas for practical research on the spots.

2005-Present: Senior Director Researcher, Center for Study of Atmospheric Changes

  • Studied the facts and causes implementing the changes in the weather and atmosphere.
  • Supervised junior and fellow research colleagues and assisted them in their practical research.
  • Collecting study facts and analysis and formatting them into simple language for the common masses.

Educational Qualifications:

1990-1993: in Physics, Gregton College.

1993-1995: M.Sc in Physics, Gregton College.

1995-1997: PhD in Physics Application and Analysis, Forest Pine University.






Available on request.

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