Programmer CV Example

A programmer is responsible for translating mathematical algorithms created by the system analysts and software engineers into finished program that is able to work in the computer. A programmer must be well knowledgeable in using computing languages like C++ or Java. This is to make a file or document that will serve as instructions for the computer to follow; this is called a program. They should also be informant or familiar about the various number of computing languages and be able to choose which language will best suit the type of program they are going to create.

Programmer CV Example

Christian G. Sinclaire

96 Houston Road


Phone: 89-987-78


Career Objectives:

As a professional in the IT field, I am looking forward to further make use of my skill for the company’s advantage as well as mine. I am a hardworking, patient and trustworthy employee that you can rely to do the job that you want. I only settle for excellent results and that is what sets me apart among the rest. Specifically speaking, I am well skilled in using PHP, HTML, My SQL, and PostgreSQL. I have experience in using Apache Server and other open source for that matter. I have advanced understanding of Java Scripting, XML, ASP,, and VB. Also, a part of my specialty lies in documenting and maintaining codes quickly and effectively.

Professional Qualification:

2005-2010 Apache Fever

?  Planned, built and implemented a lot of ad-hoc web applications.

?  Created dozens of software for the company’s advantage and protection

Educational Experience:

2000-2004: Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Bolton University






Professional Reference(s):

Mishka Claire V. Furstenberg

Apache Fever, Lead Programmer


Selandra M. Dew

Bolton University, Department Head (IT)


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