Production/Process Engineer CV Example

Candidates applying for this job is responsible for working in the manufacturing industry and must also provide overall process manufacturing and design to increase productivity as well as to improve the costs of manufacture. Basically, a production/process engineer’s occupation is to simply make sure that the profitability and the efficiency of a certain company is reaching its maximum level.  One must also be knowledgeable in working in other areas such as sales, marketing and product designing to produce manufactured goods of the company.

Production/Process CV Example

Erik G. Brown

359 Bedfordshire

Manchester, United Kingdom

Phone: 654-00-708



I’ve had 3 years of hands on experience when it comes to dealing with different developments, designs and improvements of a certain company. I am willing to share my knowledge and skills in manpower planning, semi-conductor and automotive industry as well as supervision in electronics. I’m looking for a company wherein I can further hone my skills and craft effectively, and I believe that with my characteristics and personality I will be able to work well with other staff and workers.

Professional Qualifications

2006-2008: Hey Ideas Ltd., Asst. System Specialist

  • Assisted the day to day tasks and responsibilities of the system engineer
  • Provided documents and data logs for the administrator’s files

2008-Present: Electric Miles Inc., System Engineer

  • Monitored all software and hardware systems of the company
  • Provided different access routes for data organizing and management
  • Made on and off site visits to different plantations


1998-2000: Secondary Education, Bristol School of the Arts

2001-2004: B.S. Major in Engineering, University of Buckingham, U.K.


Play rugby with friends

Eat out on weekends

Travel to exotic beaches

Spend time with family


Will be furnished upon request

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