Procurement Officer CV Example

Procurement Officers supervise and plans the activities of the procurement team in terms of purchasing the necessary items for the company.  They make sure that all items purchased for the company are of good quality and are within the budget allocation of the company.  Procurement officers review, analyze and approves all purchases made by the company.  They process requests, proposals and implement bidding to potential suppliers.  They are also involved in decision-making for recruitment, hiring and salary of workers.

Procurement Officer CV Example

Barry Hughes

Barrington Road, Hornsey, London, N8 7QS

Phone:  123-776-1111

Career Objective

I am a very responsible and highly skilled professional seeking for a position as Procurement Officer in a company.  I have the ability to manage and supervise all transactions entered by the procurement office as well as coordinate all operations with the management.  I also possess good communication and interpersonal skills for effective operations of all sections of the office.

Professional Qualification

2005 – Present: Procurement Officer, Axa Life Group

  • Receive, analyze and process requests for purchases of items, supplies and human resources
  • Evaluate all purchases and ensure that budgetary allocation is in place
  • Assess potential suppliers and their products for quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Approve or disapprove requests and appropriately provide alternatives

2002-2005: Advertising Manager, Magna publications

  • Provide designs, direct mails along with brochures as promotional strategy for different trade fairs and conventions
  • Maintain good relations with traders and consumers through various form of advertising and marketing
  • Organizing and promoting various trade fairs


1998 – 2002:  Bachelor of Science in Business Management, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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