Private Bartender CV Example

All bartenders work in a couple of settings, such as sports bars, chain restaurants and hotel and resort restaurants. A bartender consists of various responsibilities of duties. Over the years, people thought that all it ever does is serving wine, mixed drinks and beer; however there is more to learn about the job. Bartenders can also serve as waiters for a certain bar, receiving food orders from many customers while sitting right at the bar, and then serving the customer’s food when it’s ready. They can also collect cash payment for food and drinks at the bar as well as operate the cash register.

Private Bartender CV Example

Howard Q. Bill

21 West Shore Ave

England, United Kingdom

Phone: 354-889-09

Career Objective

With my skills and experience in bartending, I can guarantee this company that I can be of great use as well as deliver to of the line customer service and earn the right amount of impression from regulars. I want to excel as a bartender in place where I can be happy and enjoy my working hours as I serve people through the use of my bartending skills.

Career Experience/Job History

2006-2011: Mickey Hotel, Bartender

  • Provided house mixes for regulars and guests every night
  • Served as a waiter oftentimes as well during busy hours of the restaurant
  • Made new connections and friends to impress with my bartending skills
  • Studied different exhibitions and technique while restaurant is closed
  • Participated in different gathering and events as a highlight performer of bartending competition.



Secondary Education, Glasgow State University


Crash Course on Bartending, London School of Culinary Arts



Mixing different kinds of drinks

Going out with college friends


Available upon request of the employer

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