Pricing and Tariff Manager CV example

The job entails coordinating with cost accounting and the market research group  and the budgeting office to formulate a viable pricing structure that can be supported by the market and provide acceptable returns on the company’s stakeholders.  The pricing or tariff manager publishes the prices of the various brands with their corresponding price tolerance factors that should not go below the break-even points and which sales agents are empowered to play around with depending on market and competitor conditions.

Pricing and Tariff Manager CV Example

Daphne R. St. Claire

Blumensstr, Munich, Germany

Phone: 0832-3454-7687


I am interested in joining your marketing staff in the pricing department, With my decade-long experience in pricing at least a dozen product lines that are updated every 2-3 months, I am confident I have the skills you can use for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Career Experience/Job History

2000 – Present:  Assistant Pricing and Tariff Manager, Orange Telecoms

  • Formulate a system to determine the right tariff rates for the various telecoms products offered by the company.
  • With input from cost accounting and budgeting along with recommendation from market research, simulate the right tariff schedule of these products.
  • Establish the break even points of each product line or brand.
  • Monitor pricing trends to ensure they are accessible to the markets for which thee products are positioned.
  • Regularly update pricing model to accept changes in the budgets, markets and cost structures of the company.
  • Recommend changes or pricing as necessary.


2003 – 2006:  Master in Business Administration, Imperial College, London

1996 – 2000:  Bachelor of Arts in Commerce, Trinity College, Oxford

Professional reference will be supplied upon request

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