Photographer CV Example

A photographer is a person who takes photographs using a camera. A professional photographer uses high profile cameras to take photographs. It is solely his profession to earn. He takes photos for an agency and is hired by that agency. An unprofessional photographer takes for his own choice or passion. It’s his desire of photography through which he tries to depict normal life, nature, or any other factor.

A photographer should have the capability to capture the perfect shot and effect through the lenses. The photographer should be a professional in is field of photography, be it fashion, abstract or any other form of photography.

Photographer CV Example

Swinel Gill

Frost Way Street

Finland -9983

Phone: 23-654-86

Career Objective

I prove to depict the message through my photos. I can introduce new dimensions of photography and new concepts of editing them. To get a position as a well established photographer and to gain further experience in this field by taking up challenging and interesting photography project assignments. I also have taken up various assignments of photography portraying social issues, nature photography as well as abstract photography.

Professional Qualifications

2005-2007: Audie Photos Inc, Photographer

  • Experimented with photos using software and brought out interesting effects.
  • With advanced editing technique brought about a new dimension to photo editing and printing.
  • Undertook various type of photography assignment using different lighting effects.
  • Instructed new photographers about the new techniques and angles of photography.
  • Did photography for advertisements, magazines photo shoots and cover pages.



Diploma in Photographic Editing, Harvey College.


Diploma in Photography Techniques, Harvey College.


Bachelors in Arts(Photography), Harvey College..


Observing nature


Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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