Pharmaceutical Microbiologist CV Example

The position brings microbiology expertise into a pharmaceutical laboratory and research environment to study and investigate the reproduction, development, structure, and other characteristics of microscopic organisms which include fungi, bacteria and algae. The work takes you to the area of medical microbiology to establish the relationship between organisms and disease as well as the therapeutic mitigation of antibiotics, antiseptics and anti-fungal products on microorganisms.

Pharmaceutical Microbiologist CV Example

Oscar J. Puget, Jr.

R. du D’Augbagne, Marseille, France

Phone: 0490-554-2438


I am confident to offer my expertise in microbiology and my experience in laboratory research work in a large pharmaceutical concern to be part of your team in a similar capacity.  In addition, having been properly mentored in managing a laboratory facility, I am looking to a management position which would bring to bear my years, expertise and leadership skills.

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present: Assistant Microbiologist, YOH, Day & Zimmermann, New York

  • Conduct the necessary lab tests to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of antiseptic, disinfectant, deodorizing and other hygiene and personal care products for commercial product registration.
  • Supervise laboratory staff to conduct tests in compliance with appropriate practices and procedures.
  • Maintain laboratory records in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice standards
  • Review and update laboratory Standard Operating Procedures in consultation with management and in line of departmental objectives.
  • Propagate and maintain microbial stocks for testing purposes.
  • Validate and calibrate laboratory equipment as required in coordination with
  • Report on the progress and completion of any testing.


2002 – 2004: various seminars and conferences on bacteriology, new laboratory pharmaceutical testing technologies

1998 -2002: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard

Professional reference will be supplied upon request

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