Pediatric Audiologist CV Example

The jog is a specialized medical profession that pediatricians can elect to go into to treat children with impairment in hearing and speech.  They stand a better chance of leading normal and successful adult lives when such difficulties are detected early. Pediatric audiologists help parents identify the implement treatment programs to correct or assist the hearing the speech abilities of challenged children to attain their potential learning abilities.

Pediatric Audiologist CV Example

Maria Ella V. Rosenbaum

Ludwig-Erhardstr, Hamburg, Germany

Phone: 0432-3221-5465


I would like to express my intention to share with your pediatrics team my experience and expertise in treating hearing and speech problems in children.  With more than a decade in general pediatric care, I have specialized in audiology which I have to be more endemic to kids with learning difficulties that parents normally overlook.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Pediatric Audiologist, Pediatric Section, Atkinson Morley Hospital, London

  • Evaluate possible speech and hearing disorders and determine best diagnoses and courses of treatment.
  • Administer tests and exams to gauge hearing and speech abilities for children with learning difficulties or stunted development.
  • Gauge hearing acuity level so babies and infants to address any problem early.
  • Conduct and monitor treatment programs for children admitted to the hospital,
  • Recommend corrective or assistive devices to address a child’s hearing or speech impairment.


2003 – Present :  In house seminars and conferences on emerging pediatric care trends and discoveries

2006 – 2008 :  Specialization Fellowship in Pediatric Audiology, University Medical Center, Leipzig

1999 – 2003 :  Internship at University Medical Center, Leipzig,

1995 – 1999 :  Degree in M.D., College of Medicine, University of Leipzig

1992 – 1995 :  Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Heidelberg

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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