Parts Advisor/Analyst CV Example

The parts advisor/analyst should be able to interpret customer requirements, receive all orders of parts, and giving words of advice on various additional prices or requirements, match orders on stock items plus advising customer of all items that aren’t stocked or those items that needs ordering. Locate unavailable particular items from different suppliers and organize for delivery or should pass order to do stock control on V.O.R. orders for it to be completely raised.

To make up on customer orders on despatch as needed in ensuring that it should match the customer’s order and that each shortage are perfectly highlighted, ensuring that each order taken is fully completed, dispatch and invoiced as scheduled so that any customer is still fully informed about the progress or of any difficulties or problems.

Parts Advisor/Analyst CV Example

Robert L. Stack

121 Oxford Ave

England, United Kingdom

Phone: 465-00-222

Career Objective:

I am looking for a particular company wherein my skills in giving advice and providing quality customer service on auto parts can be of good use. I have been with several vehicle companies all pertaining to doing business related matters, and my personality and attitude in work is a guaranteed plus and my work ethics are very effective and efficient.

Professional Qualifications:

2006-2008: Auto Parts Ltd., Front Desk

  • Receptionist for the company
  • Made daily log records, received orders and incoming voice calls

2008-Present: Auto Parts Ltd., Junior Parts Analyst

  • Assisted customers with regards to auto parts purchases
  • Provided weekly inventory of items sold

Educational Qualifications:


Secondary Education, Oxford School of Science


B.S. Engineering, City University London, United Kingdom



Playing rugby

Eating out on weekends


Available upon request

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