Ophthalmologist CV Example

This is specialize medical profession that is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders and diseases.  The position can be found in all hospitals in the private and government sectors while some clinics specializing in eye care have them.  Pharmaceutical companies may employ or retain a team as consultants for lat research work along with health insurance companies to adjudicate medical claims.

Ophthalmologist CV Example

Dr. Frederick G. Stowe, M.D.

Farnsworth, Bolton, England

Phone: 01204-45698



I am currently working as a partner in a family clinic in the suburbs of London and would like to further my career by serving a larger community to further my learning.  I am confident that my 6 years of experience treating a variety of eye disorders mostly from an older population has prepared me to take on a more challenging role to handle other eye disorders that only a large hospital are known to treat.

Career Experience/Job History

2006 –  Present :  Ophthalmologist, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

  • Administer routine eye tests and exams.
  • Prescribe eye care and surgeries as needed.
  • Refer to proper optometrists for fitment of corrective lenses to restore visual acuity in patients treated with eye diseases
  • Keep abreast with medical developments and trends in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
  • Mentor medical assistants or technicians assigned in the ophthalmology department.


2006 – Present: various in-house and external seminars and conferences on trends in ophthalmology.

2003 – 2006 : Medical Internship and Ophthalmology specialization, University Hospital, Imperial College, London

1999 – 2003 : Medical Doctor Degree, Cambridge University

1995 – 1999 : BS in Psychology, University of Brighton, UK

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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