Online Marketing Specialist CV Example

Online marketing specialists are responsible for online marketing related tasks. They are usually packed with marketing and sales related background. They must be efficient in speaking and understanding the international language English, must have exceptional writing skills, has the ability to edit documents, write proposals, and enjoy working in a team.

Online Marketing Specialist CV Example

Terrance F. Walpole

George Square

Edinburgh EH8 1EW

Phone: 67-878-94


Career Objectives:

I have all the skills and knowledge to oversee contents for and implementation of other internet based programs effectively and efficiently. I am very well informed that a part of my job is about the management of relationships and work flow of internal stakeholders, corporate web services group, and agencies. I am also able to manage website content updates and enhancements every now and then. As an IT professional, the exciting factor of this job is that I have to maintain the social media platforms and blog posts to increase the traffic of a website. As a marketing specialist, it is my job to create banner ads for merchandising campaigns and online promotions. I am person that knows how to manipulate and use my resources very well in order to excel in my field.

Professional Qualification:

2002-2010 Velvet Productions

?  Increased the advertisement level for Velvet Productions for about 20% in just a matter of 3 months.  (See certificate of appreciation)

?  Launched a new product for the company

?  Received recognition for being a major contributor for the increase of the company’s annual revenue.  (See certificate of appreciation)

1999-2002 Creamy Videos

?  Worked with digital agencies in optimizing interactive creativity awareness

?  Launched Banner ads that increased the company’s site’s population

Educational Qualification:

1994-1998: Bachelor’s degree in IT Marketing, University of Bedfordshire

1998-1999: Master’s degree in IT Marketing. University of Birmingham







Professional Reference:

Marquee Dustox

University of Birmingham


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