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Office CVs are documents which are extremely important. They are presented by candidates aiming to secure a job in an office. Some important points one needs to keep in mind while designing office CVs are as follows:

  • Office CVs must be to the point and simple. They basically highlight the skills of the candidate who is aiming for an office job. Only relevant skills must be mentioned so that a selection panel can judge a candidate on the basis of the office CV.
  • Office CVs are professional documents. Hence the tone in which they are written should reflect this professionalism. Humility and courteousness are the keystones of an office CV and thus, care should be taken to ensure that those are maintained.
  • Office CVs can also be composed by professional CV writers. But in that case, care should be taken to ensure that the candidate’s uniqueness is maintained. A statement of purpose is extremely important in office CVs.

Since the range of office CVs are tremendous, care should be taken to mention the specificities of these office CVs. For example, an office CV for a secretary will be quite different from that of a manager, and hence these subtle and large differences must be maintained to lend each office CV its own unique individuality.


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