Nursing Student CV Example

A nursing student is an individual who is studying various subjects related to nursing. During their studies, the candidate learn various duties of nurse like, taking care of the patients, giving them medicines on time and others. A nursing student can get a job in various medical centres and hospitals. The nursing student CV example showcases the educational qualifications and skill sets of the candidate.

Sample Nursing Student CV example

Nursing Student CV

Noelle Fernandez

64-Main Park Street


Mobile: 29202-28283

Residence: 01938-288322


Career Objectives

I wish to work as a nurse in a growing medical set up where I can make best use of my educational qualifications so as to take complete care of the patients.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Completed High School from ABC High School in the year 2004
  • Completed Bachelors Degree in Science from XYZ University in the year 2007
  • Completed Masters Degree in Nursing from PQR University in the year 2010
  • Completed Certificate in advance Medical Procedures from Well Being Institute in the year 2011.


  • Nursing Student Achievement Award from Nursing Information Society ( 2009)
  • Nursing Dean’s List from University of Goodly ( 2010)
  • Sigma Gamma Honour from society of nursing at University of Goodly (2011)


  • ABC Nursing Society 2009- Present
  • Member of Well Being Nursing Society since 2010


  • Playing Guitar
  • Listening Music
  • Playing Tennis

Additional skills

I have done advanced nursing informatics courses, medicinal treatment courses, and computer programming languages such as C++, JAVA and SAS.

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