Nursing CV Examples

Any person who is interested in applying for a job in the field of nursing must draft or frame a perfect curriculum vitae or CV. A CV is a formally drafted document which consists of the details of the qualifications and skills of a person looking for a job. A CV must consist of points such as career objective, educational qualifications, interests and skills, certifications and courses and work experience details. A good nursing CV can be helpful for a person to get a desired job whereas a weak CV may be the reason for rejection.

The following points must be kept in mind while framing a nursing CV.

  • A nursing CV must start with the title of the exact job position for which the candidate is applying.
  • The first part of the CV must consist of the personal details of the candidate such as his/her name, address, contact number, age, gender etc.
  • The second part must be the work goal or career objective of the person which should not take more than 2 lines.
  • The next part must consist of the Academic background and skills and qualifications of the candidate.

In the last part, the candidate’s work experience details must be mentioned point wise.

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