Nursing Assistant CV Example

Nursing Assistants or nurse aids are assigned the position to work under the supervision of registered nurses. Such job posts requires a good hold on the communication skills , supporting routine functions like bathing, dressing etc and helping patients become active. A nursing assistant CV should be drafted in such a manner so that it showcases the skill sets as well as the educational qualifications of the candidate.

Sample Nursing Assistant CV example

Liza Gabriella

232 La villas, Brentwood

New York

Mobile: 09183-37272

Telephone Number: 1938282-3728



Nursing Assistant with experience of over 8 years looking for a job post where I can showcase my experience and skills. I possess strong ability to take sudden actions, develop fruitful communications and indulge in teamwork units.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Completed High School from St. Precious Girls Centre in 1995.
  • Completed Certified Nursing Diploma from , Beetle Nursing University in the year 2000
  • Completed Early Responder First Aid Certificate  from Cross Centre in the year 2004

Working experiences

  • Clinical Nursing Assistant at North Holy Hospital , New York (January 2011- Present)
  • Pharmacology Assistant at Jordan Pharmacy, New York ( May 2009- December 2010)
  • Gynaecology Assistant at St. Marks Hospital, New York ( January 2008- April 2009)

Key skills

  • Firm and an in depth knowledge of medicinal treatments and nursing care.
  • Ability to assist the graded doctors and professionals in operation theatres and delivery rooms.
  • Enhanced communication and managerial skills.
  • Proficient in monitoring vital signs of illness.
  • Maintaining the medical instrument with proper care and hygiene.

Additional Information

As a nursing assistant I am accessible to work over weekend assignments and available for any type of shifts and extended hours of services.

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