Nuclear Power Reactor Operator CV Example

The position basically entails operating a civilian nuclear power plant.  The person is responsible for controlling the reactor from a console panel from start-up, to shut down and directly altering the level of reactivity of the nuclear reactor, monitoring its parameters and suitably responding to unusual reactor activity that reaches critical levels to forestall any accident.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator CV Example

Peter F. Smith

Regent St., London, UK

Phone:  020-9899-7676


After migrating to the UK, I would like to continue with my career as a nuclear power plant operator in New York.  My training and experience operating a couple or nuclear power plants in the US since 2001 build up my confidence that I can do the same here.

Career Experience/Job History

2004 – 2009 : Nuclear Power Plant Operator, Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Unit 1, New York.

  • Assist the Section manager in operating the reactor
  • Undertake and pass the plant’s operator training program and test
  • Comply with operation and safety requirements and ensure strict compliance with service bulletins as may be issued by the plant lead engineer.
  • Control radioactive control rods in routine plan operations
  • Perform control duties as may be directed by the Plant Head of Operations
  • Ensure that spend control rods are properly disposed of

2001 – 2004 :  Junior Operator, Vermont Yankee Generation Station

  • Assist the Senior Nuclear Power Plant Operator in monitoring the reactor levels
  • Follow all operation safety mandates.


2005 : passed the NRC licensing requirement

1998 – 2001 :  Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Physics,  UCLA

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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