Municipal Firefighting Chief or Supervisor CV Example

A municipal firefighter supervisor leads a team of firefighters tasked not just to control and subdue fires within their jurisdiction, but also in surrounding suburbs and metropolis in the event of a large conflagration.  They are also deployed to control forest fires and in rescue and recovery operations during natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes.

Municipal Firefighter CV Example

Donald Q. Potter

Wellington St., Leeds, UK

Phone:  0113-786-5634


I am relocating my family to upper London and would welcome the opportunity to work with your team as a municipal firefighter in a supervisory position.  My nearly 10 years of experience on the job with excellent communication and leadership skills qualify me for a more demand role in leading the team to their avowed mission and objective.

Career Experience/Job History

2000 – Present:  Assistant to the Chief, Firefighting Brigade, London Metro

  • Assist the chief in office administrative procedures.
  • Take over the chief when indisposed and provide supervision over fjhriefighters under his jurisdiction.
  • Identify the nature of fire and the building construction design as well as the materials inside to ensure that protective outfit and equipment to combat a raging fire are adequate.
  • Search out, locate and rescue fire victims downed or disabled by smoke in a building on fire.
  • Ensure that protective fire resistant suits and breathing gears are worn by firefighters at all time.
  • Participate and involve community in fire drills and information dissemination in responding to emergency situation before the firefighters arrive.


1998– 2000 :  Diploma in Public Service , University of Brighton, UK

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.

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