MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)Technologists CV Example

The position calls for technical competence in installing, maintaining and operating the MRI installation in a hospital or health care center. The routine examination may or may not be supervised by a doctor since the MRI technicians need only to properly position the patient on the table and introduce the fluid to the body to make the images appear on the scan. He or she can then operate the MRI machine remotely from a console.


MRI Technologists CV Example

Daniel V. Smith

Longsmith St., Gloucester, UK

Phone:  0345-454-4598


Thank you for this opportunity to express my interest to join your medical technology team as a MRI technician with more than 4 years experience in operating one and providing the utmost care on the patient.

Career Experience/Job History


2007– Present:  Assistance MRI Technician, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Florida

  • Operate MRI equipment to produce the correct images of the body or part of it for diagnostic purposes.
  • Explain the basic procedure to patient.
  • Properly position and immobilize patient on the exam table.
  • Monitor video display of area being scanned and adjust density or contrast to improve picture quality.
  • Review and evaluate computer generated information to determine if images are satisfactory for diagnostic purposes.
  • Comply with government regulations in using radiation safety measures and protection devices to ensure safety of staff and patients.

2004 – 2007 :  Medical Assistant, Mount Sinai Medical Center, California

  • Assist the resident neuro surgeon in diagnosing and treating patients sent to the center.



2007 :  On the Job training as an MRI technician

2002 – 2004 :  Associate Degree in MRI Technology,  College of Health Science, Argosy University, Florida.

Professional reference will be supplied upon request.



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