Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Teacher for French and Spanish CV Example

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher for French and Spanish should have all the qualities of being a teacher. A French and Spanish teacher must be patient and should have unique methods in which they can inculcate the subject’s content to their students effectively. Of course, a modern foreign language teacher for French and Spanish should know everything from the basic to the most highly sophisticated sentence making in Spanish and French. MFL for French and Spanish should be able to speak fluently in both of those languages.

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher for French and Spanish CV Example

David Ralph G. Retuya

Turner Drive


Phone: 80-806-74


Career Objectives:

To further use my skills in a worthy organization in providing high class education to the students. I am very patient, hardworking and I have great communication skills. The advantage that I have is that studying the languages of French and Spanish and speaking it is my passion. That is why I want to teach what I know to the youth to pass on the knowledge that I have. I am quite strict when it comes to rules and fair and just when it comes to acknowledging a student’s growth.

Professional Qualification:

1999-Present: Brunel University (Foreign Languages Department Head/Professor)

?  Managed classes taking up Foreign language: Spanish and French

?  Created a new curriculum to the school as a Department Head in Foreign languages.

?  Received recognition for innovating the methods of teaching Foreign language in an effective way

?  Regulated monthly seminars concerning Modern Foreign Languages to raise interest among students.

1994: Published a book entitled “The art of Speaking Spanish” and “Speak French!”

1995-1999: Humphrey School of Language (Spanish and French Teacher)

?  Managed summer French and Spanish classes ranging from Teenagers to Adults

?  Organized Summer Camps related to learning the language Spanish and French

Educational Qualification:

1994-1995: Masters in Foreign languages; City University London

1990-1994: Bachelors in Education, Majoring in Foreign Languages; City University London






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