Microbiologist CV Example

A microbiologist is a person who studies organisms which cause infections and diseases and also help to fight against these infections.  These individuals can either work in the field of healthcare or in other fields where microorganisms may affect us. Some of these fields include pharmaceuticals, agriculture, environment etc.

To apply for the position of a microbiologist in any of these fields, a person is required to prepare a CV which is known as a microbiologist CV. The CV records all the skills and qualifications of the individual and is a detailed account of his/her work experience in the field as well.

Sample Microbiologist CV Example

Personal details

Fred Dawson

234, Timothy street, Markson park, Sunnyvale, CA



Career objective

To work as a microbiologist in a healthcare facility where I will be able to get a chance to use my passion for research and microbiology to help patients fight infections and diseases. I wish to be associated with research work and am looking for an opportunity in a prestigious hospital such as yours.

Skills and qualities

  • I am an extremely hardworking individual with exceptional research abilities
  • I am well updated with the latest developments in this field and am equipped to find more through my passion for this field.
  • I possess good communication skills, diligence and ability to work for long hours.

Professional Experience

  • I have previously been employed at St. Joseph Hospital in London where I worked as a microbiologist assistant under Dr. Jack Peters for 2 years.
  • I have also worked as a microbiologist for Jacob Lab for 2 years where I found a breakthrough result that was considered by the National health Institute of London.

Educational qualifications:

  • High school education from Paula Boys School, London
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology from London College of Sciences.
  • Master’s diploma program in microbiology from London.

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