Medical Physicist CV Example

A medical physicist is an individual who applies his knowledge in the field of physics and his technical skills in bringing improvements in the field of medicine by preventing, diagnosing and treating various diseases.

They are also responsible for developing testing and evaluating medical equipments as well as procedures in areas like nuclear medicine, laser technology radiotherapy and physiological monitoring.

A medical physicist CV example helps an individual applying for the position of a medical physicist to draft an impressive resume. The CV contains details like the individuals work experience and knowledge.

Sample Medical Physicist CV Example

Medical physicist CV

Arnold Jane Date of birth: 2nd of June 1983

Profile summary:

An individual with four years of experience in the field of medicine by working in the position of a medical physicist. I possess knowledge of supervising treatments and use of therapeutic equipments in order to prevent diseases.

Abilities and skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to coordinate with various individuals in the medical field
  • Knowledge about various ways of treatment in medical field
  • Ability to give attention to detail
  • Good knowledge in the computer field
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good at convincing others
  • Good listener.

Educational Qualification:

  • Masters in Medical Physics from New York University in the year 2006
  • Bachelors in Medical Physics from New York University in the year 2008

Work experience:

Name of the organization: Glenn Medical Services Limited

Tenure of working: From August 2008 till July 2012

Position: Medical Physicist

My job duties were:

  • Performing and supervising medical treatments
  • Using therapeutic equipments and teaching other medical staff the process of using it
  • Measuring radioactivity in body of the patient
  • Examining the internal organ of a patient
  • Ensuring that patients are protected from radiation hazards

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