Marketing Manager CV Example

A person who applies for this job outlines the normal tasks, duties and responsibilities of the manager job. Marketing managers require some certain skills to perform the marketing management function flawlessly, regardless of what corporation they’re working for. The main duties are to establish, develop and maintain strategies for marketing purposes, as well as to effectively manage all areas of advertising and promotional activities of the company.

Marketing Manager CV Sample:

Mary Lucy R. King

Queens Road 3446

Bristol, United Kingdom


Phone: 544-59-8569

Career Objectives:

To be able to fully improve my skills in the areas of advertising and marketing, and more importantly to incorporate my experience and knowledge at all times possible. To focus on the long term goals, plans and missions of the company, and more importantly to commit what is needed from me. To be creative, up to date, and current with all the effective tools for marketing.

Professional Qualification:

2009 – Present: Marketing Asst., New Age Solutions Co.

  • Cooperated with the marketing manager
  • Assists the marketing manager with everything needed
  • Organize and prepare meetings with clients and directors

2008 – 2009: Jr. Executive Asst., Wales & Co.

  • Helped prepare presentations for clients
  • Attended all meetings for documentation
  • Assisted the marketing team with planning

Educational Qualification:

2005 – 2008: B.S. Business Management, Cambridge College of Business

2002 – 2005: Secondary Education, Mary of the Woods Learning Facility


Reading novels and fiction books


Play cricket


Adam Cornish

New Age Solutions Co.


Princess McAdams

Mary of the Woods Learning Facility


Larry Spencer

Cambridge College of Business


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