Manager CV Example

There are a large number of managerial positions that are available across the different business streams and the various fields.  Any person, who wishes to get the position of a manager at a certain business entity or in a certain field of work, needs to prepare a robust CV which presents his/ her character, education and capabilities in the best light possible. A CV is an integral part of the selections process.

For the convenience of all those who need to prepare manager CV, given below is a list of points that may be helpful:

  • The individual must mention his/her name, contact details, date of birth and fathers name in the beginning part of the CV.
  • The individual must give in the next part of the CV, the statement of purpose or the objective i.e. the reason he/ she wants the positions and find themselves suitable for the same.
  • The individual must mention each of his/ her educational qualifications in separate heads. They must also mention the subject modules they undertook, so as highlight their suitability for the position.
  • The next part of the CV must consist of the details of the skills the individual possess such as computer skills, managing capabilities etc.

The next part of the CV consists of the work experience of the individual, if any.

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