Logistics Manager CV Example

A logistics manager is an individual who is responsible for procuring raw materials, keeping track of the stock of raw materials and distributing finished products. The CV of a logistics manager needs to be impressive in order to get a job in that particular position. The CV must reflect the organizing skills and work experience of the individual. The CV also needs to mention the logistic ability and other skills and educational qualification of the individual.

Sample Logistics Manager CV Example

Chris Evans

67 U Turn Road, Carolina, Colorado 6789

(907) 78906



I am looking forward to work in the position of a logistics manager for an organization that will enable me to make best use of my managerial skills and give me professional growth.


  • Excellent logistic skills
  • Good knowledge of MS Office, MS DOS and Windows
  • Possess good verbal as well as written communication skills
  • Ability to maintain budget
  • Ability to multi task.
  • Good interpersonal skills.

Education Details:

  • Bachelors degree in business administration with specialization in logistics management from Carolina University in the year 2008
  • High school diploma in the year 2004

Work History:

Worked as logistics manager in ABC Group of Companies from June 2010 till August 2012. My job duties included the following:

  • Handling programs for various departmental work
  • Doing budgetary planning for various contractual commitments
  • Manufacturing the logistic section by applying various measures
  • Carrying out appraisal programs of the employees of the logistics department
  • Producing logistic supports, maintaining consistency and administering materials
  • Administering various logistics programs

Other Personal Information:

Date of birth: 6th March 1988

Languages known: English, French


Name: Tim Burton

Designation: Manager of operations

Organization: ABC Group of Companies

Address: 54 West Side Road, Carolina, Colorado 6723

Contact number: 89076


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