Lawyer CV Example

A lawyer is a person licensed to practice law. Law is a strictly governed rule body formulated to provide justice and maintain law and order in a society. Apart from that, the laws in a state help in regulating the social integrity of a society clan and deliver justice to the people.

Lawyers are the advisors and the stand in person of cases of people. They advocate for the respective clients and forward their case to the final result. They consult the clients about legal issues and rights and help them to stay in tune with the law of the society

Lawyer CV Example

Terence Dale

Fisher Road

France – 8733


Phone: 78-33-543

Career Objective:

I seek to achieve a good position as a lawyer where I can develop my skills and work in an efficient platform to deliver justice to the people. I possess effective communication skills and negotiation skills.

Professional Qualification:

2005-Present: Legal Justice Court, Lawyer. .

  • Researching on the topics before sitting for the case studying the relevant facts and preparing for the argument.
  • Communicating with clients to get the facts surrounding their claims.
  • Maintaining healthy relations with clients and updating continuously about the case progresses.

2005-Present: High Sessions Court, Lawyer.

  • Maintaining records of legal statements, documents for further use.

Educational Qualification:

1999-2002: LLB from Law School

2002-2004: Masters in Political Science from University.






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