Junior Graphic Designer CV Example

A graphic designer is a person who creates computer generated images to make them real life like images. The role of a graphic designer is one that is not only challenging but also that demands a lot of creativity. The CV of a graphic designer must reflect creation and organizing skills in a perfect way as given in the example CV below.

Sample Junior Graphic Designer CV Example

Anthony George

#5, Barrickfergus, County Antrim, London-BR38




Wish to be associated with a growing company as a senior graphic designer where my skills can be best utilized.


  • Three years of extensive experience in graphic designing and desktop publishing.
  • Highly creative and capable of meeting deadlines at all times.
  • Ability to produce high quality graphics in variety of areas.
  • Created documents in Macintosh and IBM systems.
  • Can make use of scanner for creating better designs.
  • Can create corporate logos and attractive letterheads.
  • Capable of working on both manual and visual concepts effectively.


  • Working as Graphic designer in HR Company for the past 1 year and worked on designing online tutorial website.
  • Worked in a desktop publishing company for 2 years and performed roles such as creation of corporate logos, departmental newsletter etc


Job Type: Graphic designing

Location: All

Availability: Can join immediately
Target job description: Senior graphic designer
Career Level: Mid- level management

Degree                                    School Name              City, State               Year of Graduation

M.A In Mass Com                    London University             London                           2007

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