IT Support Engineer CV Example

An IT support engineer is an individual who is responsible for providing support to project teams in implementing, supporting and configuring workstation operating systems, computers, software applications and computer peripheral devices. They have to provide onsite support and attend to the phone calls of the employees in case they are facing any technical issue. An IT support engineer must have the ability to solve any technical issue instantly and excellent knowledge in networking and software products. The CV of an IT support engineer job applicant must mention his experience and knowledge in IT field. The CV should be drafted in an impressive way.

Sample IT Support Engineer CV

Mark Taylor

Date of birth: 6th of May 1984

Contact details :

Address: 78 Oxford Street, New York, New Jersey 9065

Cell phone number: 56908

Phone number: 67345

E mail id:

Certifications, Training and Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelors degree in computer engineering from New York Institute of Technology in the year 2006
  • Masters in Information technology in the year 2008 from Harvard University
  • Training in Java and NET programming

Skill Sets:

  • Good presence of mind
  • Ability to solve technical issues instantly
  • Vast knowledge in software products and networking

Job experience:

Worked in the position of an IT support engineer with Soft Tech Solutions Limited from March 2009 till August 2012. My duties were:

  • Providing technical support to the project teams
  • Overseeing the programming and online documentation projects
  • Implementing and configuring the office computers, software used in workstation, operating systems and other applications
  • Ensuring that all queries of the staff facing issue with operation of workstation are cleared
  • Attending to the calls of the employees and providing them trouble shooting steps over phone


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