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An IT executive is an individual who is responsible for directing the set up, implementing and administering all IT functions in an organization. They have to ensure that all technological products as well as services are delivered on a timely manner. An IT executive may work in an IT organization or in the IT department of an organization. They need to have educational qualification in IT field or in computer science and must possess excellent troubleshooting knowledge. An individual applying for the job of an IT executive must mention his knowledge and qualifications in his CV to become a strong contender for the job.

Sample IT Executive CV

Personal Details

Name: Norman Creed

Address: 23 Hill Side Road. Hope City, Las Vegas 2356

Residential telephone number: 678123

Mobile phone number: 908765

Marital status: Single

Gender: Male


I am seeking the position of an IT executive in a reputed IT organization where I can make best use of my three years of work experience in the IT field and apply my troubleshooting skills for the benefit of the system set up of the organization.

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s in information technology from New York University in the year 2004
  • Masters Degree in IT from New York University in the year 2007

Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Advanced analytical abilities
  • Knowledge in all kinds of programming language
  • Excellent knowledge about software

Career Overview:

Currently working in the position of an IT executive since May 2009 in High End Techno Solutions where my job functions are:

  • Administering the IT set up of the organization
  • Ensuring that technological products and services are delivered accurately and on time
  • Preparing operation and capital budgets
  • Overseeing the setting up of new systems
  • Negotiating with software and hardware manufacturers
  • Implementing strategies to solve technical issues


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