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IT CVs are important documents prepared for and submitted to IT companies by individuals seeking recruitment therein. The IT industry is fast gaining momentum now-a-days and hence the craze for a job in the particular sector is also increasing. Thus IT CVs need to be carefully prepared so as to impress the concerned authority so much so that the job is granted. Such CVs should outline all academic details and also additional knowledge which is essential to be possessed to win this cut-throat competition.

IT CVs involve provision of identification and technical skills details in any of the departments of IT jobs, be it of a programmer, software developer, system analyst, database administrator or an IT manager or supervisor. A basic knowledge of information technology is no longer sufficient in helping one grab a handsome job in this age of the rule of IT. The CV should hence contain particulars that suggest extraordinary skills of the candidate, which will help gain an upper hand while applying for such jobs. Some of the other criteria to be met include:

  • IT CVs must outline the candidate’s practical knowledge, skills and training acquired in the specific field of interest.
  • Candidates often specialize further in some derived stream related to the subject and those details must necessarily be included in the IT CVs.
  • The implementation of IT education is important in order to develop user-friendly programming codes and such applications as would interest and also benefit the clients.
  • IT CVs must contain relevant facts that suggest the candidate is suitable for the particular job.


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