Insurance Specialist CV Example

Insurance policies are composed of several complex language and numerous stipulations and requirements, and it only takes a real skilled professional who can precisely determine the type of protocol that identifies a responsible party’s cash responsibility with a health insurance claim. Now this is where insurance specialists come in the picture, they make sure that any insurance account holder is very aware of the claims he or she can receive from an insurance organization.

They are responsible for answering questions, processing insurance claims, and assigning billing statements. One must also have a strong foundation on insurance policies to be able to assess the claims that are included in certain account holders insurance.

Insurance Specialist CV Example

Howard N. Hughes

B156 Pride Stone Blvd.

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Phone: 354-88-800

Career Objective

I am seeking for an insurance company wherein I can serve my purpose as an insurance specialist, I have been in the industry of insurance for several years now and I have always developed good relationships with my clients. Helping people and at the same time make a living out of it is one of my greatest accomplishments, and by conducting assessments of insurance claims to people who are unaware of it, I know I am doing a good humane job for this country.

Career Experience/Job History

2004-2007: UK Insurance Co., Field Insurance Agent

  • Offered insurance packages to different clients and customers
  • Conducted small group seminars and personal meet ups with clients
  • Attended all conferences pertaining to the improvement of insurance developments



Secondary Education, Liverpool School of Science


B.A. Human Resource Management, Coventry University, United Kingdom


Play cricket

Read books

Bathe in the sun


Will be furnished upon request

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